How to perform prostate massage at home: guidelines and techniques

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Updated: 06.06.2024

In this article, we will provide detailed instructions on how to perform prostate massage for yourself. This information is intended for medical purposes and is not meant to be entertaining. It is written for people who suffer from chronic prostatitis or congestion in the prostate, as well as those with low potency. Additionally, this information may be useful for the spouses of these patients.

To properly perform prostate massage yourself, you need to understand the entire process: how to prepare, where to begin, what to anticipate, how to determine the accuracy of the procedure, and how to assess its effectiveness. We will discuss all of these aspects in our urology article.

What is the purpose of prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a technique that increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow and secretion in the prostate. The structure of the vessels and channels in this area, as well as the position of the prostate, make it difficult for nutrients to reach the tissues. This is particularly noticeable in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, such as those who drive a car, spend most of their time sitting at a desk or in front of a TV or book. If these lifestyle factors are present, congestion can begin to occur after the age of 30, while if they are not present, it may not occur until after the age of 60. Massage is performed to temporarily increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the prostate and remove stagnant and inflammatory products. It is beneficial for those with stagnant or inflammatory conditions, and for those with impotence, it can improve sexual function if performed 10-15 minutes before intercourse.

When you can't get a prostate massage

It should not be performed if you have calcifications, adenomas, or urinary problems, as well as prostate or rectal cancer. Calcifications need to be dissolved; this is a separate issue. Adenomas and cancers require surgical removal. Also, avoid massage if you are experiencing pain at the moment. No pain should be felt during the procedure. First, take a course of treatment, including NSAIDs and possibly antibiotics, to reduce inflammation. Then, after the inflammation has subsided, you can resume massage, either immediately after the treatment course or on the third or fourth day, so that the drugs in the prostate will be better absorbed due to the massage.

Preparing for a Self-Massage

Before performing the SAMUEL prostate massage, it is necessary to take a number of preparatory steps. Following these steps will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of the procedure. The success of the massage will depend largely on your well-being during the manipulation. Let us now describe these steps:

  • Abstain from eating for 2 hours before the start. Your stomach should be empty and your stomach should not be bloated. It is better if you are hungry and have your last meal 3 hours before.
  • Cleanse the intestines. Go to the toilet for a large one, and after that, rinse the rectum with warm water (necessarily warm) using a syringe with a volume of 250-350 ml.
  • Lock yourself in a separate room and warn everyone at home not to be disturbed for half an hour.
  • Prepare grease in advance. Absolutely any kind of lubricant from the appropriate store will do. Classic, neutral, just not warm and pulsating. The main thing is that it glides well. Sunflower oil is also good for this purpose.
  • Prepare a rubber finger pad or a medical glove or «you figure it out».
  • Trim the nail on the middle finger of your right hand if you are right-handed, or left-handed if you are left-handed, as much as possible.
  • Get some paper napkins and something to put underneath, like a diaper or towel.

Conducting a massage session

After you have prepared yourself, washed your hands with soap and water, and collected everything you need, go into a private space to perform the prostate massage on yourself. It is most comfortable to conduct the process while lying on a couch with a back rest. For those who are faint-hearted, please remove from this screen.

It is necessary to undress completely below the waist. Put a prepared rubber band around the middle finger of one hand. Lubricate both the finger and anus well. Lie down on your back with a large pillow behind your head. Bend your knees and lift your legs towards you, so that your feet are pointing upwards. If you are right-handed, lie with your right side against the backrest, so that your right arm is free. Place your right foot on the back of the couch to prevent your abdominal muscles from straining while maintaining your position. Use your left arm to hold your left leg, bending it at the elbow. Place your right hand between your legs, with your right arm stretched as far apart as possible.

Now, let's talk about the hand and fingers that you will use for the procedure. Place the pinky and ring finger against the palm of your hand. Extend the middle finger halfway and fully extend the index finger and thumb. Physiologically, with the ring finger bent in this position, the middle finger can press harder and become more pivotable. Be careful not to bend the index finger, as it could interfere with the movement of the middle finger for deeper penetration. To help you understand better, we will also show a photo of the hand position for self-prostate massage.

And so, after you have prepared yourself, insert your index finger into your anus. To begin with, feel the prostate to get a sense of where it is and what it looks like. You will be able to immediately feel a dimple when you bend your finger at the very beginning, similar to a small pocket against the anal sphincter. This is the end of the wall of your rectum that closely adjoins the prostate. Run your finger as far along the wall as possible, and you will feel the end of the prostate, depending on the length of your finger. At the end of this zone, the smooth surface will end and the bumpy surface will begin. The bumpy part is the beginning of your intestine, so try not to touch that area. Also, move your finger to the right and left to feel the lateral ends of the organ. Generally, the organ has a round shape. In the middle, strictly along your intestine from the beginning to depth, feel for a groove.If at first, the groove and contours of the area are faintly perceptible, after 10 minutes of massage, when the area is full of blood, you will be able to easily understand the entire structure of the area. It is important to clearly understand where the main mass of the left and right lobes are located, as they should be massaged.

Start by massaging the prostate by bending and stretching your finger, moving it slightly to the left to stretch the left lobe of the organ. The prostate will initially be small and firm. Do not press hard, as this will not lead to better results, but may cause trauma. Slowly massage for 1-2 minutes, first the deeper part of the left lobe, then the closer part to the pocket, and then the pocket itself. Then move to the right lobe and follow the same process. Next, choose the middle area and massage it in the same manner. Finally, return to the left lobe and repeat these cycles several times until your prostate noticeably increases in size and softens. This indicates that the organ has been saturated with blood. After that, continue massaging for another 5 minutes in the same way.

During the procedure, you will need to contract your abdominal and anal muscles. This will help the prostate move deeper and make it harder to reach. However, with practice, you will get better at relaxing and getting used to this. Even better, if you apply gentle pressure, you may feel the prostate moving towards your finger, making it easier to massage.

After working on both lobes, it is recommended to knead the area around the anal sphincter. In this area, all the ducts converge and empty into the urethra. If you do not experience any pain, you can apply more pressure to reach the deeper layers. Not only should you massage the prostate gland, but also the areas where your fingers rest, as this will help increase blood circulation in the bulbourethral glands and seminal vesicles. For clarity, we have provided a picture with annotations, which can help you understand the correct direction of movements.

If you experience pain during the massage, it is recommended that you reduce the intensity and duration of the sessions. If this does not alleviate the pain, it may indicate a more serious condition that requires medical attention. It is important not to confuse pain with a general unpleasant sensation caused by the movement of the massage therapist's fingers on the thin mucous membranes.

After the first treatment, it is normal to experience a short-term worsening. This is a normal part of the process. Use an NSAID gel (Amelotex is recommended) and apply it to the perineal area. The gel will quickly absorb and reach the prostate, reducing pain and inflammation, and improving blood circulation in the tissues, helping to prevent swelling. Before the next session, you can also apply the gel for half an hour, but be sure not to apply it to the opening or use it as a lubricant. If the symptoms worsen after 2-3 sessions and NSAIDs are not effective, it may be necessary to stop the massage and consult with a urologist for further evaluation and treatment. They may recommend a course of antibiotics to kill any bacteria that are causing the problem. It is important to follow all their instructions and take all prescribed medications to ensure complete recovery.

If during the massage you feel something from the prostate entering the urethra and filling it, do not worry, this is a good sign. Do not try to enhance this effect by pushing harder on the prostate.

In general, the procedure can take from 10 to 20 minutes. There is no point in going any longer.

Once you have finished the process, you can take a shower and empty your bladder. Emptying the bladder will flush out any secretions released from the urethra and tubules.

How to perform a successful prostate massage

It's not difficult to understand. Firstly, you may feel the prostate getting bigger inside you, a temporary sensation of a lump in that area. Secondly, there may be a rush of heat and a slight burning sensation in the same spot. Thirdly, after the session, if you have sexual intercourse, you may notice an increase in quality, as well as an increase in the amount of ejaculate, which will be more fluid if it was thick before. This is an indication of the natural drainage of the prostate and its secretion quality.

The procedure can be done every day and there is no limit to the duration of the course. It should be done before each act. If you are not bothered by the disease, the preventive course can be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks.

We recommend that in addition to kneading the prostate gland

What is the difference between a prostate massage and obtaining secretions from a urologist?

We often see information on the internet on the websites of urological clinics about prostate massage for collecting secretion for analysis. Therefore, we would like to assure you that this is not the therapeutic massage that you learned about in our article. The urologist performs prostate massage with one goal — to collect as much prostate juice as possible. For this purpose, the doctor is not gentle with the patient. He quickly inserts his finger and strongly and quickly presses the prostate for 3 seconds so that the secretion flows out for collection. That's it. As you can imagine, such a massage does not increase blood flow to the prostate, does not reduce inflammation, and in no way cures. Many patients complain that their symptoms worsen after collecting the secretion. Of course, this is normal, because the prostate doesn't like to be disturbed. It's like an engine in a car in the winter.But what should we do? If you have to take exams, there is no way around it. No one will prepare you for the exam. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need a prostate massage, then find out as much information as you can about it. We don't know of any doctors who would do a massage for 10-15 minutes to help improve trophism.

Massage with vibrating devices

Vibration massagers are effective for improving circulation, although to a slightly lesser degree than direct massage. Vibration does not cause secretion or movement of fluids within the gland. Instead, it shakes and causes hyperemia of the tissues, meaning increased blood flow. This is a different type of massage from direct massage. Some people find vibration massagers helpful, while others do not. The choice of these devices for home use is quite limited: Smartprost, Prostomag, Ereton, and Mavit. All of these devices have additional features, such as magnetic, laser, infrared, electric, and thermal effects, which are beneficial for everyone. We have not encountered anyone who has experienced negative effects from these devices, except for electrical effects, as some people may experience worsening symptoms.But again, the worsening of the condition was due to stationary physical procedures with an electrical character, such as «Amplipulse» or «Androgyne». These procedures involve the use of electrodes that cause strong muscle contractions, which is not recommended in case of severe inflammation. As for the current used in the Ereton home device, we don't have experience with it, so it's possible that the current is very weak and would only provide a benefit. The main effect of these devices for the self-treatment of the prostate at home is vibration. To determine whether vibration is suitable for your condition, you don't need to spend money on a new device as prices start at 25 thousand rubles. Instead, you can buy a cheaper 2-3 thousand ruble vibro device from an adult store. Have you tried it and seen any improvement? If there was no worsening, then continue using it. If it helped but not significantly, consider purchasing more expensive devices. If it worsened even after the third treatment, it's best to consult a doctor.- Then it's not right for you. You need to treat the inflammation and bacteria, and then you can move on to using these devices.

Let's summarize the main points

We have described the entire technique of prostate massage and how to perform it yourself. This technique is also beneficial if you are massaged by someone else. However, if you perform the massage yourself, you have maximum control over the process and can adjust it as needed. If it becomes painful, you can simply stop. Therefore, it is best to do it yourself. If you use a homemade massage device, you can easily involve a partner in the process. We wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.